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Ho'zho' Speaks

Recapture Institute sponsors and hosts Ho'zho' Speaks, a forum where notable speakers present important information related to the Navajo culture and way of life. Ho'zho' is the Navajo concept of beauty and balance, an idea that is dying as the culture is slowly forgotten. Ho'zho' Speaks, comparabe to TED Events, seeks to revive this vital concept and way of life through education. Follow the link above to find information on our upcoming events.


The Navajo Interest​

The Navajo people have long played an important role in the history of this continent and country. As a peace-loving and resourceful people they thrived before the industrial expansion to the west. Despite gross and abusive mistreatment by an oppresive government, this people chose to contribute their services and give their lives to aid in winning World War II. Nevertheless, those of their people who choose to live a traditional lifestyle today are again under attack by federal regulations that greatly hinder their opportunities and quality of life. See what we're doing to defend their rights and traditions


Commissioner Lyman

Commissioner Phil Lyman of San Juan County, Utah has come under legal fire for organizing and carrying out a protest in San Juan County. The protest included a ride into Recapture Canyon on OHVs. See our take on this event and what we are doing about it.



We believe that the rights afforded to states by the federalist principles that founded this great country are worth defending and essential to protecting the individual right of the citizens that reside within a jurisdictional area. As we defend and secure the rights of these entities, the power to govern moves closer and closer to the people. See how we are promoting federalism and fighting for the rights of state and local governments everywhere.


Recapture Canyon 

Recapture Canyon has been described as a mini Mesa Verde. It is replete with cliff dwellings and pottery shards that are hundreds of years old. It is also the site of one of the first roads in San Juan County; a natural highway leading from the Blue Mountains to the original county seat of Bluff. Recently this canyon has been a symbol of political conflict. See the history of the canyon and what our role is in protecting it.


Protecting Cultural Resources

What makes America great is its wealth of cultural resources. Some of these resources include history and artifacts, agriculture and industry, land and resources, and tradition and vision. The Recapture Institute is actively involved in protecting these resources and ensuring that they are treated with the respect and reverence they deserve and are being used in the way that they were intended.

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