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Field Schools

We conduct Field Schools to educate all who are interested on various topics including cultural history, archaeology, agriculture, botany, renewable energy, current events and issues, and many more. Call our office for more information and scheduling.


We offer several volunteer opportunities at our field school, Ho'zho' Speaks events, and promotional venues. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact us.

Ho'zho' Speaks

Ho'zho' Speaks is a forum where notable speakers present important information related to the Navajo culture and way of life. Ho'zho' is the Navajo concept of beauty and balance, a concept that is dying as the culture is forgotten. Ho'zho' Speaks, comparabe to TED Events, seeks to revive this vital concept and way of life.

Give Feedback

We welcome your feedback on our organization's mission, projects, and website. To suggest we include information on our website we have left out or to request more information, please

reach out to us.

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